Entertainment & Media

The VPA team working in this area is thoroughly experienced in the sector, offering clients specialized advice and providing flexible solutions for a market with so many specificities.

Our team is prepared to offer to the different sectors of this industry the following services, among others:

I – Consultancy Services for:

  • The approval of trademarks and corporate names
  • Audiovisual, television, cinematographic, advertising and related productions
  • Registration of artistic, literary and scientific works before the competent agencies
  • Fundraising activities and financing of artistic productions, and
  • Registration of intellectual works before the competent agencies

II – Drafting, revision and negotiation of agreements involving:

  • Personality rights
  • Content
  • Licensing of computer programs
  • Sponsorship, and
  • Infrastructure for all aspects of ventures in the entertainment sector

III – Assistance and practical help in the protection of names, trademarks, ideas and titles, such as trademark registration and patent at INPI

IV – Administrative support for issuance of visas for foreigners who come to participate in productions in national territory

V – Monitoring of legislative changes and impacts on businesses

VI – Representation of clients’ interests with the government agencies

VII – Clearance of rights

VIII – Legal representation of artists, celebrities and digital influencers

IX – Consulting and tax optimization for individuals and companies that work in the sector

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